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Down, but not out.

With all the hype and emotion leading into the final race of the season, it doesn't have to be said that the virally famous wreck was not the original plan.

Immediately after Flight LCR.

Call it the lack of fear, call it adrenaline, call it whatever you like; but Landon was right back to his teenage self moments after his flight landed. Most adults, let alone kids, would have prolly called it a night and headed to the house, but Landon could be found in the stands taking up money for a fellow racer and then spending time signing autographs for his fans. This type of professionalism takes time to learn, or you are born with it, in this case it most definitely is the latter.

Sponsors are family

We would be doing everyone at Coke Zero an injustice if we did not explain the level of support they provide LCR. The money they supply to have their brand pushing Landon's dream would be enough, and would have more gratitude than could ever be repaid. On top of the financial support, moments after Landon's wreck, the phone rings and on it, the people from Coke Zero. They simply wanted to ensure Landon was okay because they had seen what had happened on Flo Racing. The key here is really two parts: 1-They cared enough to actually spend their time to watch Landon race. 2-They had compassion and concern and took the time to reach out. Maybe those reading this are unfamiliar with sponsorships, but to say a major sponsor such as Coke Zero, taking this level of engagement with LCR, specifically Landon, is something you just don't see everyday. If you think this is as cool as those involved with LCR, stop by a gas station and grab a Coke Zero and enjoy.

What's next, besides finding a car?

Luckily this happened on the final race of the season, because this car ain't going anywhere. LCR will have some time before the next event in December to get a plan and car ready for the Gateway Dirt Nationals in St. Louis. After that, the holidays and then back to racing. Hopefully Santa knows where to get a sprint car.

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1 Comment

Dec 17, 2021

A kid like this makes racing fun!! Passion, drive, respect for the sport! Can’t wait for next race!!!

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