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From The Dome To The Bowl.

Highlights from the Gateway Dirt Nationals at the dome in St. Louis, MO.

Beyond all the fireworks, fans, flares, and fencing, was a 13 year old racecar driver making his debut in Midget Car Racing. Landon Crawley was offered the chance by Mounce/Stout Motorsports to get behind the wheel of their car and offer us all a glimpse of what is possible for him in this version of dirt track racing.

The racing started on Thursday with Landon able to get a feel of the track, the car, and even the atmosphere in preparation for the Main event on Saturday night. Thursday's race, Landon's first, he was able to finish in 7th place, which by everyone involved was considered an exceptional finish.

Friday brought the second opportunity for Landon to get behind the wheel with a heat race, and after an impressive run he started 8th and finished in the #5 spot. In his first feature of the night, Landon started in the 9th spot and finished 13th.

All of the hype and anticipation came to a head on Saturday as Landon was to start in the #10 spot for the night's A Main Race. Before the race could start, introductions had to be made. This was an experience all on it's own for Landon, as his name was announced over the same PA system that NFL great's names have been heard. Along with the echoes from the announcers, the smoke and explosion of flames added dream like details to a night that already felt like a dream come true.

Several cautions and a one lap shootout finish ended the night, and the Gateway Nationals for Landon, and LCR would finish the event with a #12 position.


If you take the "Talladega Nights" view of racing that, "if you ain't first, you're last", then you could look at the finish as a negative. However, any real race fan, and even more so a driver, knows that experience and time behind the wheel are requirements of getting to the first place position in time.

So from a real race fan, better yet family, here is the outlook:

"Finished 12th tonight. Probably won’t be what he thinks is good enough. I’m damn proud. All of these guys are midget racers. We aren’t. He once again has proven me wrong by saying he wasn’t old enough or this was out of our league lol See you all in 2022!!! Thank you to EVERYONE that believes in our boy."- Lora Crawley, AKA-Momma Crawley

What's next?

Funny you should ask. Next is the payoff from a successful outing in St. Louis. Next is the approval from the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl in allowing Landon Crawley to, yet again, get behind the wheel of the Mounce/Stout Motorsport Midget car in Tulsa this January. This is huge for not just Landon and everyone at LCR, but for racing in general, as this will be the first of the 36 Chili Bowls that allows drivers under the age of 16 to take part in the event.

So once again, you have Landon being a part of "trail blazing" a path for young drivers to get ahead in the sport of racing. Not sure Landon has found a nickname that fans and family have fallen in love with, but from us at Apex Untamed, Landon "Trail Blazer" Crawley, is starting to become the office term for him.

From the Crawley Camp:

Couldn't do it without the love & support from so many!

Mr. Bill Mobbs supported Landon when he first started out in a mini sprint. His love for Landon and dirt track racing was out of this world. Mr. Bill passed away earlier this year and we will continue to always show our love for him and the support he gave Landon. He will forever be in our hearts.

Hugh & Melissa Butler with Butler Heat & Air has been a supporter of Landon’s since he began racing karts. They continue to be a big supporter as well as fan of his.

Mr. Michael Vogelpohl has been a huge supporter of Landon’s for a long time. He truly believes in Landon and his love for dirt track racing is big. We are blessed to have Michael and MPV Express as part of our team and family.

In 2021, we were very fortunate to have Coke Zero come aboard to help the team. Not only the value they bring financially to help make racing possible, but also for the deep commitment and partnership the relationship provides as Landon and his team continue to push forward.

We also want to thank so many others that allows Landon to keep chasing his dreams…. Apex Marketing, BMAX Body Shop, CSI Shocks, Design75 Graphics, East End Towing, Engler Machine & Tool, FSR Radiators, Hinchman Racing Suits, Maxim Chassis, Mid-State Golf Cars, Rockwell Security & Ultrashield.

Now who's hungry for some Chili? See y'all in 2022.

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